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Application, Code review and Security Assessment


Applications are your information store where data lives and rises and is a sweat spot for all hackers and crackers to gain access and benefit from such an asset. Protecting application and information stores is a critical security practice for all organization. Applications applications impose various types of challenges and risks. Therefore, proper controls should be exercised for the protection of software and the information that is processed by the software. Assuring the security of any application within the organization is of equal importance to securing a network device, server or firewall. VERSOS realizes and understands those risks and has developed a comprehensive methodology to assess application security and provide sufficient assurance that information processed or stored by these application is secure.

Increasing security for applications that will be used by consumers and businesses has become a priority for companies around the world. As the gateway to information over the Internet and internal corporate networks, applications have become a company’s greatest asset and, in turn, an attacker’s primary objective,” said Charlie Johnson, vice president, Symantec Global Consulting Services. “Application security plays a large role in one of the biggest problems plaguing online business as consumers move toward a digital lifestyle.

Not only threat arises from the technical side of the application, threats arise from different sources including application administration, architecture and business process. Versos application assessment services include the assessment of technical vulnerabilities, application architecture, application deployment, code reviews and process risk scenarios.

Versos offers a high-level and detailed risk assessment so as client can maintain balance between competing objectives such as customer budget, customer internal deadlines and timeframe, number of application and any other scope driving factor.

A combination of automated security assessment tools and human-initiated are used to perform a comprehensive Application Security Assessment. Versos consultants possess an extensive knowledge in software development lifecycle, application testing, using automated tools and designing testing scripts to ensure that your applications are secure. Versos consultants base their findings and tests on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) which has identified top 10 application vulnerabilities. Versos consultants designs various test scenarios in order to achieve a better understanding of the application security posturey.