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Penetration Testing


The importance of securing information is high, especially if vulnerabilities are reported during a vulnerability assessment exercise. The existence of specific vulnerability may lead to a security breach thus exposing information resources to illegal or accidental access. A Penetration Test is the process of evaluating the security posture of a computer system, network, or application (assets). The process involves analyzing assets for any weaknesses, configuration flaws, or vulnerabilities to determine whether a certain system can be hacked or exposed.

Organization lean towards penetration testing as a mean to ensure that systems are secure and hackers are unable to gain access to the organization computing resources. Organizations seek zero-tolerance so that important and critical data is preserved, secured and maintain its integrity. A single incident of data leakage or gain of access by any potential hackers will definitely impact the organization legal, business and community trust in its operations, such a risk will conclude in financial losses, loss of reputation and lack of consumer trust in the organization products and services. On the other side, the cost of recovering from a system compromise will implies not only financial cost but usually involve time, human resources efforts apart from legal consequences.

Illegal access to privileged systems and IT resources is another source of risk which also needs to be tested and mitigated. Such illegal access may evolve due to various reasons such as: including social engineering, lack of awareness and revenge. Therefore, penetration testing need to be considered for internal resources as well as external (internet-facing) resources to eliminate any potential risk of illegal access or data loss.

Organizations need to maintain a regular practice of conducting internal and external penetration testing to guarantee security of information assets. The best time to conduct such an exercise is after vulnerability assessment, change in IT environment, change of policies or process, risk assessment or any change-driving factor.

Versos consulting team has Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) who possess the right non-destructive tools, experience and methodology to explore, exploit and evaluate the security posture of your network and servers. Versos consulting team can perform black and white box penetration testing and provide feedback in a timely manner. Our approach is based on international best practices and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual OSSTMM

Versos value added services provide customers with recommendations, additional controls and proposed network design to resolve exploits and thus increase the level of security.