SOC Implementation

It is an exceptionally complex task for customers to build their own SOC. In addition to the selection and implementation of the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, it is necessary to produce all required SOC-related policies, procedures, organization structure, training...etc. With years of practical experience and following best practices in building and operating SOC, Versos SOC team will be able to help customers achieve their SOC targets at different scales. For customers who have already deployed their own SOC’s but need to enhance it or upgrade it, Versos provides them with the consultancy and the collaborative maintenance and operation service required.

SOC Managed Services

Organizations are investing in the development of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for increased security, rapid response to events throughout their infrastructure and meeting compliance requirements. Versos SOC offerings are characterized by competences, updates, continuous training and the experience accumulated from each project implementation. We offer customers a 24X7 monitoring service for their servers, security and network devices. Security logs will be collected from multiple platforms and correlated in real-time, intelligently taking into context the assets being monitored. Our offering includes real-time event handling, incident reporting and reports generation.

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